don't forget

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

how easy is it to forget there is pain you can't imagine
how easy is it to not realize how lucky you are
because wow oh wow you are so lucky
maybe you don't realize it
maybe you have skeletons in your closest
maybe you've experienced a bunch of crap
but think of the things you have that others don't
think of those stories where people have nothing
and remember the hugs your friends always give you
or the cookies your mom makes around christmas
or how your grandpa use to sing to you when you visited
remember the good things about the people you lost
or the fact that you've had people who've loved you when others haven't
or a place to live
or something to eat

maybe your mom doesn't remember your name
and your feet are always cold because all your socks have holes
and your stomach always growls in class because lunch is too expensive
maybe you've lost lots of loved ones
or your cry at night a lot
or sometimes it's so hard to breath because life makes it so difficult

but don't forget about the others
don't forget who they are
don't forget that you're an other to them
you matter
don't you?
so why don't they?

bc. wow we all have stories and experiences that are tough and hard and scary. don't forget that you're not alone. don't forget that you might have something someone else doesn't. don't forget that their story matters too. everyone deserves to be heard. (inspired after hearing a super sad super powerful story and realizing wow maybe we've both experienced hard things. maybe we both have something the other doesn't. but wow do both stories and do both of us matter.)

what now

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

what happens
when there's nothing
of myself to give
but they're alone
so alone
i can hear them calling
calling out
what if i can't 
answer their call
because no one 
ever answered it for me
but their arms
they're reaching out
trying to hold on
just hold on
what if i can't
hold on to them
much longer
because i'm so weak
so tired
but they're falling
i can hear their cries
their sobs
what if i'm falling 
right along side them
what if i too
am choking on my tears
what now
we ask
what now

(bc. you're not responsible for others, all you can do is love them with the love Christ Jesus has given you. and other's aren't responsible for you, sometimes you have to learn to fall and get back up)

does it have to

Thursday, May 4, 2017

i know
i get it
why do these things
to happen to us
it just doesn't make sense

but does it 
have to
maybe sometimes
things happen
and we're not suppose
to know why
maybe instead
we're meant to
let go
trust him