the silence of change

Friday, December 30, 2016

sometimes i feel like
i don't even exist
like i've been erased from reality
i open my mouth
but my words are lost to the wind
before anyone can hold onto them
what's the point
in trying to change the world
if no one can even hear you?
i walk alone and i see the faces of 
so many
broken people
with no voice to change their lives
i freeze
and i smile
what a silly 
useless thing to do
they smile back
and i realize
maybe i don't always need a voice
to make a difference

you're dreaming

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

you know when you dream
everything seems so real
and when you wake
it's like
you're dreaming

that's what it felt like
when your hand touched mine
when your warmth held my icy fingers
my heart whispered
"this is right"

you said my name
you told me stories
you laughed
oh how i missed my daddy's

we talked
till the sun set
and we walked
in the moonlight
fingers intertwined
protected from the world
your eyes reflected the light
of the stars
as they twinkled above us

you kissed me on the cheek
and whispered
"i have to go"
so we held on tight
and i took one last breath
memorizing your scent
and remembering your voice

i woke
tears clung to my dazed eyes
i could still feel your gaze
i cried

this doesn't feel right