to stay

Saturday, March 25, 2017

i fell in love
with the way he smiled
as he took my order
with the way his hand
brushed mine 
as he handed me my drink
with the way his eyes lit up
when i sat down
as if to say he wanted me
to stay
so i did

i fell in love
with the way she twirled her hair
as she ordered a latte
with the way her mouth quirked
when our hands touched
as she took her drink
with the way she sat
eyes dancing
as if to say she wanted me
to stay
so i did

so i wait

Friday, March 10, 2017

inside my soul
one is darker than the other.
i hold onto them
afraid to let them go
what if they don't understand?
what if they can't see the light inside of me?
so i wait
too petrified to say anything
so i wait
and prepare for on to consume the other
so i wait
to see if the light stays
or if the darkness overtakes me


Sunday, March 5, 2017

they're everywhere
telling you what to do
how to act
where to go
no one asks
no one cares?
it's not up to you
it's up to them
but no
you see
that's wrong
believe it or not
he is wiser than them
and wiser than you
so don't listen to the voices
and quiet your heart
lean into him
and listen
because he's got you
he always has
he always will

your timing vs my timing

Friday, March 3, 2017

you say to wait on you
to be patient
but you see
why can't it be now that works better

i know you know best
i know pretty well
so why not listen to what i want
it's just as good

but they're so cute
and well sure i'm young
can't you see
it's what i want
it's what i need

i know you see
the greater picture
but i see only now
so please
just give me a taste
sure i don't know best
but i know

ok yes
go ahead
my life is is your hands
not mine
i know this
i do
sometime i'm lonely
but you
you are enough
so i'll wait until you say go
i'll trust in your timing
not mine