what now

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

what happens
when there's nothing
of myself to give
but they're alone
so alone
i can hear them calling
calling out
what if i can't 
answer their call
because no one 
ever answered it for me
but their arms
they're reaching out
trying to hold on
just hold on
what if i can't
hold on to them
much longer
because i'm so weak
so tired
but they're falling
i can hear their cries
their sobs
what if i'm falling 
right along side them
what if i too
am choking on my tears
what now
we ask
what now

(bc. you're not responsible for others, all you can do is love them with the love Christ Jesus has given you. and other's aren't responsible for you, sometimes you have to learn to fall and get back up)

does it have to

Thursday, May 4, 2017

i know
i get it
why do these things
to happen to us
it just doesn't make sense

but does it 
have to
maybe sometimes
things happen
and we're not suppose
to know why
maybe instead
we're meant to
let go
trust him

true happiness

Sunday, April 23, 2017

she was happy
most of the time
that is
some of her smiles were fake
and occasionally
her hand caught hot tears in the dead of night
but true happiness
doesn't mean
no sorrow
for you see
it was because of these
she carried near to her heart
that she was able
to laugh
and enjoy this life
so much more