simple yet beautiful

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

i have fallen in love with the sound of people living.
sitting on a bench outside the train stop
listening to the sound of laughter and chirping birds floating across the wind
coming from children playing soccer with their dad.
simple yet beautiful.

i turn to my friend and smile.
and she says
"i love the sound of people living."
and we laugh bc. i had said the exact same thing yesterday
and boy isn't it so simple yet beautiful.

the tracks begin to shake with the warning of a coming train
and the laughing and birds begin to fade away
yet it does not cease.
and my friend and i go on living
exploring new places,
trying new food,
seeing new views outside my train window.

simple yet beautiful
in this complicated world of ours.
don't forget to stop and listen to it.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

why do i get attacked for saying
to your seemingly innocent caresses on my arm
as you congratulate me on "great' service?"

your $10 tip will not buy my consent.

when i tell you i am uncomfortable
you will only laugh
and lift you hands up in the air
as if they will erase the shivers left on my skin.

when i do not laugh back
you will become hostile
throwing words at my face
meant to make me bleed.

you do not realize your hostility only proves your guiltiness.

i am resilient
i will persist
i will say no

your $10 will not buy me.

make me brave

Monday, April 2, 2018

he smelt like a thrift store.
buildings whizzed by as his head leaned against the window.
music played through his coca cola headphones, dug up from a cereal box promising a surprise,
only later realizing nothing is as good as promised.

(except for Jesus) i whispered.

his eyelashes were fluttering-open and close-and i wondered what he was dreaming about.
(are we dreaming about the same things?) i asked.

his face was young, yet his eyes held years only made possible through pain and suffering.
our eyes were so similar.
(you're not alone) cried my heart.

we watched the same world pass all around us as we drove by, and i found myself wondering if our lives were all that different.
after all, Christ died for us both, didn't he?
(tell him!) i screamed.
but i didn't

instead, i watched as he got off the bus, left only to guess who he might be.
left only to hope that someday there might be someone braver than i.
(or that you may become brave) i thought.

Lord, make me brave.