what are we doing?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

it's a beautiful thing, how we've been blessed with lungs allowing us to breath in the fresh air, and legs that climb mountains, and a voice that can fill an entire canyon with its echo.

and it's a beautiful thing that when we hear the crying echoes of the lost, when we see those who can no longer climb any higher, when we watch someone struggle for breath, that we don't have to sit idly by.

because God gave us those lungs
God gave us our legs
God gave us a voice.

what are we doing about that?

stolen tears

Friday, February 2, 2018

"you don't have to feel guilty, it's just a natural part of life, what you did."
but i did feel guilty,
i do feel guilty.
because everywhere you read about the heartbroken girls, spirits crushed by cruel boys.
but then, what does that make me?
i am not heartbroken. i am not cruel. i'm just a little lost.
is that okay?

"no" a voice whispers.
because you saw his face as tears poured down your cheeks.
shedding tears as if he should understand. as if he should pity you.
but he walked away from the scene of the crime, tears stollen from him.
those tears should've been his.

and the guilt comes flooding back.
because maybe i am cruel.
after all, stealing tears and making them my own,
using them against the wronged,
is there a worser crime?

(a poem for all the girls who've been there too. because sometimes it's not the boys who are the heartbreakers. sometimes people don't mean to be cruel. sometimes those tears are genuine.)

across the globe

Saturday, January 27, 2018

i had this dream about you the other night.
you came to my work after a long hard day. I had texted you saying how much i missed you.
you gave me yellow flowers and played with my hair and we danced in the parking lot to one of our favorite songs.
as i twirled under the street lights i thought there was no possible way i'd ever feel more in love with you than in that moment.

i woke up with a text from you. "officially landed!" it read.
i knew that even though there'd be no more slow dancing, hand holding, and flower giving, as we lived across the globe from each other,
i'd still always find you when i closed my eyes.
and i know that just as you'd found me, i'd find you.
slowing wrapping you in an embrace, making your promise not to let me go.
"i won't" you'd whisper, and you too would wake up,
missing me.