about me

well hello there!

my name is elizabeth anne, you might know me from my original blog, whimsical thoughts. thanks for stopping by and having an interest in getting to know me better. !

jesus// I love jesus with all my heart! i'm a christian with many faults but a wonderful, loving savior has called me redeemed. <3 

coffee// yes, tea is amazing and hot chocolate has its perks, but coffee wins all. no coffee makes for a very unhappy liz.

my daddy// when i was twelve years old, my father died after battling cancer for 14 months. I am open about this fact because it has shaped who I am today and my dad deserves to be remembered. (more on this topic here). 

introvert// rarely am i seen at parties and more often than not, i would much rather be in my room reading a good book, watching criminal minds, or finding sherlock memes to send to friends on the internet. 

books// i'm an avid reader who has spent way too much of her paycheck on books. really, it's a problem that i doubt will ever be stopped. once i tried to start a booktube, and then i failed. instead i talk nonstop about books to the friends who still have the desire to keep me. 

hamilton// hamilton the musical has been branded onto my heart and my mouth shall never stop singing its tunes. seriously, it's all i can listen to. one day i will make the trip to the big apple and watch it. 

food// i really like food. nothing else to say on this matter. 

writing// i don't often share what i write on this blog, but poetry is a big part of expressing my emotions and it just makes me feel really relaxed and happy when i'm doing it.

washington// i live in the beautiful state of washington and i am blessed with property full of woods, old logging roads, and a creek to roam around. and no it's not in seattle. there are other place to live in washington besides seattle guys!!

night owl// i detest mornings and i do my best work at night (says every teenager ever). but really, mornings are hard and i prefer to give myself huge bags under my eyes from squinting at the computer screen and reading an extreme amount of "just one more chapter." 

home schooled// i was homeschooled all throughout my 12 years of schooling. now, i'm currently in my second year of college, fighting to survive. 

well there you go, some interesting facts about me. so what about you, what's your story? leave me a comment so we can chat!



  1. Whoa... I live in Washington and I also am OBSESSED with Hamilton! I can sing Satisfied from beginning to end! Its so fun! Great blog!

  2. Hamilton buddies unite! I hope you get to go see it some day! :D I live about seven hours from the city, and hope I get to go someday too. I just found your blog, which is lovely! :)

    Louisa Sage from bylouisasage.blogspot.com