i don't know

Monday, April 17, 2017

what if
you don't know what to do
you know
everyone else has this idea
for your life
and they tell you
just how perfect
how great
how exciting it is
but what about what
you want
you think
what if you don't know
what you want
what you think
but you do know
it's not what everyone else is
telling you
what now
what to do
i don't know guys
i don't know


  1. this is me and now im crying uhg

  2. did i write this because hey this issss meeeee. afeaweadfaafawa. x

  3. I feel like this is something people keep inside of them that when shared out loud everyone can relate to. I'm one of these people, struggling with trying to find out where I fit, what I want to do. And I'm worried about when I'll finally get there.

  4. stop stealing the words in my brain and making them beautiful